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Whirlpool Appliance Service since 1986; we service whirlpool refrigerators, freezers, ice-makers, washers, dryers, dishwashers, and garbage disposals. We also service most other brands. This page dedicated to Whirlpool Appliances.

Modern appliances are not built like in previous years; in 1986, the appliances were still working from the ’60s and ’70s. not only newer versions (1986) but also dated back to the 1960s. The appliance was manufactured with steel cabinets and parts, great running machines, and was long-lasting. The frequency between repairs was far apart compared to modern appliances. Refrigerators would require a coil cleaning, whirlpool washers would require the belt to be tightened, or the water pump “pully bearing” would tighten up, and the dryers lasted years before requiring service if the vent was working correctly.

Modern refrigerators can have a lot of computer boards, sometimes one but most of the time, multiple electronic boards that monitor each other; the electronic boards with their programmed logic monitors: the temps in the freezer, the refrigerator, meat drawers, veg drawers, and compressor run time vs. off time, defrost on vs off. The electronic boards have miniature capacitors, resistors, and miniature switches that disconnect power to the compressor and switch power to the defrost heaters and monitor the time required to defrost the evaporator coils. The circuit boards adjust the time for compressor run time vs. the next defrost cycle: switching power back to the defrost heater. Whew, and even more monitoring than the above description.

Going back to the older refrigerators in the 80s, it was not unusual to come across a hot gas bypass-style refrigerator. The compressor lines had a bypass valve that would be activated by a $5.00 defrost timer. Every 8, 10, or 12 hours, the timer would switch 110V from the compressor to the bypass valve, immediately sending hot refrigerant gas thru the evaporator, defrosting all the frost build-up from the evaporator instantly. The electrical cost of defrosting would equal about 5 cents. The maintenance cost every 3 thru 12 years would be trivial compared to today’s cost of repairs. A 5.00 timer or 6.00 bypass valve coil. The hot gas bypass refrigerator was a simple marvelous engineering wonder but soon forgotten.

I worked on a hot gas by-pass refrigerator around 1987 and found an open winding on the magnetic coil on the reversing valve. Needless to say, the refrigerator and freezer were warm, the evaporator was iced up, the frig was not defrosting, and the customer needed it working today! However, it was Saturday afternoon, and all part stores were closed till Monday. The coil was close enough to the same coil as the ’80s version whirlpool washer wig wag, utilized for switching gears from agitate to spin. It was our lucky day; I took apart a new wigwag on the truck to utilize the wigwag coil for the reversing valve. Worked like a charm. The customer was as much amazed as I was, the customer was amazed I had the part, and I was amazed the wigwag coil worked so well. The only time we heard from our customer was to service her washer and dryer. An interesting observation, the old refrigerator hot gas bypass valve is the same technology as modern HVAC heat pumps. Without that bypass valve, there would be no modern heat pumps for your home.

Modern refrigerators are energy efficient while working: but break down frequently; thus, the modern refrigerator is even more efficient during their time spent unplugged waiting for the warranty company to service it. The electronic boards turn on electric heaters and run for 20 minutes or longer to defrost the evaporator coils. (recall the hot gas bypass models described above took approx 30 seconds.) The miniature switches on the electronic boards get overheated, and burnout occurs due to their compact size and encapsulation and faster with dirty coils, which cause higher amps. The modern frig breaks down, and lots of dollars fly out of your bank accounts while you are maintaining the modern refrigerator for the sake of energy efficiency. But what about all the diesel fuel required for the extra semi trucks and trains hauling the new appliances all over the country and the cargo containers crossing the oceans? Can we believe the new modern appliances are energy efficient if we must utilize 1000% more energy producing and transporting more appliances?

Meanwhile, appliance manufacturers are making more revenue and profits than ever in history. CEOs and board members are filling their bank accounts while US citizens are buying new appliances every 3 / 7 year instead of 15 – 25 years. I think the term Energy Efficient has different meanings to the manufacturers.

Whirlpool built appliances for Sears and Maytag. Do you remember the original Maytag company? The company had a focus on building the very best washers and dryers. The original Maytag company built the best washer and dryer, the original MAYTAG washer and dryer. The original Maytag washer and dryer were built to last 40-50 years with proper maintenance. The company ran into trouble by purchasing other brands and placing the Maytag Logo on the other brands. The other brands sold with the Maytag logo eventually caused the company to declare bankruptcy. The Neptune washer model led to consumers losing confidence in Maytag brands and a class action lawsuit that forced Maytag into Bankruptcy court. Whirlpool purchased the Maytag Logo and Name thru court proceedings since it was a good fit for Whirlpool, and Whirlpool was already manufacturing appliances for Maytag. Maytag should have focused on building the best washer and dryers, but the Maytag CEOs expanded too fast by purchasing other manufacturers like Amana, Norge, magic chef, and many others. Those brands were acquired by Whirlpool thru the Maytag Name purchase and are currently owned by Whirlpool, and even though the brands are still sold, they are 100% Whirlpools under the metal cabinets. Whirlpool parts do accommodate the other Whirlpool brands because? The other Whirlpool Brands are all Whirlpool machines.

In the 1990s, the Whirlpool belt-driven washers were tremendous and built like fine-running 15-year machines. Repairs were far apart and economical. The Whirlpool belt-driven washer was replaced with the direct drive washer, with a coupler between the motor and drive train. The direct-drive Whirlpool washer was a remarkable machine, easy to diagnose, and extremely easy to service. The complete cabinet was quickly removed for servicing the washer. However, the direct drive washer was too durable, which led to its demise. Whirlpool decided the company had to redesign a brand-new washer version that would require more frequent repairing and replacing. Manufacturers make money when their products break down (expensive parts) and when the appliance is replaced. A win-win situation is if the appliance is not built like the old dependable appliances. Manufacturers know there is no money to be made with long-lasting dependability.

Today, Whirlpool owns the “logo rights” to Whirlpool, Maytag, Admiral, Amana, Caloric, Dynasty, Gaffers & Sattler, Glenwood, Hardwick, Holiday, Inglis, Jade, JennAir, Litton, Magic Chef, Menu Master, Modern Maid Norge, Sunray, ad many more. When buying an appliance, whirlpool, Maytag, Amana, Admiral, Inglis, Kirkland, Norge, Roper, JennAir, or KitchenAid >> most likely; it is the same machine underneath the cabinet. As technicians in the appliance service, we know the parts are the same and interchangeable. We also know the machines are the same. Just Whirlpool.

Around 2006 / 2008, the new whirlpool-built Maytag washers and dryers arrived at the big retail stores. Whirlpool officials thought it out very well; by placing the dependable Maytag Logo on their Whirlpool products, they could quickly sell their Whirlpool products for more money. Most consumers have been paying premium prices for the Maytag washers and dryers without knowing they are purchasing a Whirlpool washer/dryer. Extra note, all the Maytag appliances are whirlpool machines.

Costco owns the Kirkland brand, which is a Whirlpool. Please note it’s not just that Whirlpool builds all those diff brands; the diff branded machines are the same product under the hood. Whirlpool has many different models for Whirlpool appliances, and the exact various models carry diff Whirlpool Brands.

We like Whirlpool Appliances, and we offer Whirlpool Appliance Service. As of 11/05/2022: Whirlpool’s dividend is currently 5.25, which is not bad. Better than (the .025%) I have gotten from my savings acct. The CEO is pulling in $18,751,901 in salary. (Not bad at all! I assume we all would like to make 19 Million, just for ONE YEAR. Yep, instant retirement) The COO is making 7 million per year. The CFO is 8 million, and the VP in Latin America is 3 million. The VP of Europe is 4 million. I bet they will get raises for the great job they are doing during our inflation crisis. The appliance prices have gone up, up, and up. They most likely will give themselves higher salaries, which equate to more inflation for Americans, and "less money in our savings accts".

As of Oct 2022: Whirlpool closed another acquisition of InSinkErator, the world’s largest manufacturer of food waste disposers and instant hot water dispensers for home and commercial use. The big picture: “the cost of a garbage disposal will go up, up and up.” The retail cost for the InSinkErator 1/2 HP garbage disposal at Home Depot is 103.00 as of 11/05/2022. Badger 5 Standard Series 1/2 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal with Power Cord. 103.00 It may be interesting to follow the price increases. Also exciting note: InSinkErator has been manufacturing the Whirlpool KitchenAid branded garbage disposals at the Racine, Wisconsin facility. Yep, when we pay a premium for the Kitchenaid garbage disposal, it's the InSinkErator!  InSinkErator is a great product and is MADE IN THE USA. Kudos to InSinkErator and Whirlpool for manufacturing their products in the USA. OK, that makes it all better, well, a little better. Well, not really; most of us struggle to make ends meet, and we can not afford inflated inflation.

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