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Yelp’s ‘Don’t Ask’ Policy Is Bad For Everyone… Including Yelp —— Forbes Yelp Story

The most complete review of advertising on Yelp? —— Yelp 101

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Yelp Stock is tumbling story, However, Yelp is expecting to generate revenue close to $1.13 billion this year 2020. Keep those negative reviews posting girls and boys… I think Yelp should start some sort of 401K for their top reviewers by giving their top reviewers Yelp Stock.

Yelp Stock sinks 8% It appears Yelp made 268.8 million dollars in the last quarter of 2019… last quarter represents just 90 days, that’s a lot of extortion dollars from small business owners trying to clean up their negative reviews! Yelp had 17.2 million ($17,200,000.00.) dollars left over to split with their top brass in 90 days. That’s a lot of dough.

Yelp hires new CFO! Based on the story, small business owners can look forward to more negatives reviews, since negative reviews forces business owners to pay Yelp to be a Yelp Member. Business owners are the financial foundation and financial supporters of the Billion Dollar Yelp Corp. I read online that Yelp utilizes some sort of psychological conditioning through the process of rewarding their reviewers with recognition and the illusion of popularity… which mentally engages Yelp reviewers to actively participate with Yelp to post additional reviews. Yelp reviewers are actually the most important assets that Yelp has at its disposal and without the reviewers, yelp would sink. Check out latest stock value for Yelp Buy some Yelp stock, the stock must go up as long as disgruntled folks love to yelp yelp yelp. Yelp sorta reminds us of Jerry Springer on Red Bull or the Monster Energy drinks. More reviews! more reviews! more reviews! You know > like > Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!

Jerry Springer YouTube Channel Don’t click it if you are subject to addictions.