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No Stress Appliance Repairs

The Very Best Appliance Service

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Stress-free appliance repairs should begin and end with our customers not being concerned with

We put forth a great effort to be the best appliance service company and provide our stress-free labor and part guarantee to back up our statement.

Most mechanical parts we install are guaranteed for two years, and our labor is guaranteed for one year unless noted on our invoice.

We promise to deliver excellence in our communications, service, workmanship, and parts.

Schedule your in-home service appointment today at (904) 346-FAST. AAA Fast Appliance Repairs will help and assist Florida homeowners to save thousands of dollars each year through the installation of appliance surge protectors.

If we replace electronic parts on your appliance, it would be financially wise to install an electronic surge protector at the time of service. We install our electrical surge protectors for 114.00, and we guarantee*** (read below guarantee) to replace for free if the surge protector is damaged due to lightning or any other reason.

Appliance electrical surge protectors are worth their weight in gold when lightning strikes are close by. Lightning strikes are the main cause of the electrical surges through our Florida home electrical wiring. Florida is 2nd behind Texas for the most lightning strikes and damaged appliances. Read about it!

Lightning strikes are the main reason for the thousands of damaged electronic appliances in our Florida homes. Electrical surge protectors should be installed on all electronic appliances. Electronic appliances are appliances that are manufactured with computer boards. Usually, they also have computer cards, capacitors, relays, electronic clocks, and other electronics that are easily damaged by electrical surges.

Did you purchase the utility electrical surge protection on the electric meter? Homeowners should read the small print on the electrical surge protector placed on their electric meter. Most of the brochures I have read exclude the home appliances that are 115 volts. The surge protector on the meter will protect the 220-volt appliances supposedly.

*** Our surge protector guarantee: we will replace the damaged surge protector (that we install) during the first 12 months. Our twelve-month guarantee starts from the date on our invoice. The guarantee does not cover the trip charge but does cover the cost of the surge protector. We will mail the surge protector by USPS if you wish to save the cost of the trip charge. Our surge protector guarantee will cover up to three replacements in a 12 month period. If mailed, a damaged surge protector must be mailed back to us for continued warranty.