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Great Repair Warranty

Great Repair Warranty

A Great Repair Warranty is an essential part of our appliance service. Not only does it replace parts in case of failure, but also warranties provide peace of mind to our customers. AAA Fast Repairs guarantees all workmanship and parts. We have provided exceptional service to thousands of customers.

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What our customers are saying about our service tells the story. Read some of the reviews we’ve included on our website. Our experienced and friendly office staff and our technicians are user-friendly and well-trained. We will work extremely hard to provide 100% satisfaction. Reviews

Great Repair Warranty

Warranty for Parts
We utilize BRAND NEW PARTS. All our parts are guaranteed. We offer a two-year warranty on our mechanical parts to the original purchaser and at the original location of repair. Electronic parts (circuit boards) are guaranteed for 12 months.

Our Labor Guarantee
Our workmanship does not fail, but if that does happen for any reason, we will return and redo our work at no charge for up to 90 days. When parts are replaced, we guarantee our workmanship for 12 months. Some repairs do not require replacement parts; it may be a simple maintenance issue or a tripped breaker. Maintenance is simply maintenance, and we can not offer any warranty for maintenance. If we lubricate hinges or level an appliance, this type of work is maintenance.

Return Visits
Our trip charge and diagnostic fee (129.00) are waived if a return visit is required for service or repairs for the same parts installed within 30 days following a repair.

Warranty for Our Technicians
All of our technicians are professionally trained, experienced, and friendly. Our technicians are not new hires to our company; we hire only technicians that are trusted and well-known to AAA Fast Repairs owners personally. In addition, each of our technicians is covered with liability and workman’s comp insurance which is the most significant personal protection a homeowner can expect. Our technicians drive stocked vehicles, and the most basic repairs can be handled in ONE TRIP and SAME DAY.

Our Warranty for Customer Satisfaction
If you are unsatisfied with the customer service you receive, we promise to do our best to make it right and meet your expectations. AAA Fast Repairs’ business is based on providing exceptional service and peace of mind to our customers. Our success depends on our customers’ satisfaction, and our continued success requires our customers to refer us to friends and family.

Trip Charges
Each time we make a trip to a job site, the minimum charge is 129.00. There are no additional charges after we quote a price for repair work. There is no trip charge for return visits during the repair work or if return visits with parts are required. There are other exceptions as described above. Our Service fee (129.00), also known as a trip charge, includes travel time, appliance diagnostics, time at the job site, and parts research. The fee is not charged on top of the cost of repairs. As our customer service representative states over the phone: our trip charge is 129.00 and is dropped if repairs are made. Our advertising states, no trip charge with repairs. We are honest and ethical and provide excellent support to our customers. Currently, we have provided service to over 100,000 customers dating back to 1983. Our database was lost in 2017 by a corrupted hard drive, and the current customer count in our replacement database is 27,241, and we add new customers daily. Extra note: our newest server is located in Washington, DC, and is backed up daily.


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