Moving WordPress

I found the need to move our WordPress installation to a new directory/folder.

At the time, we were using version 5.3.2. Below are the steps I utilized.

  1. I created a new folder and named it.
  2. I copied all the WordPress folders and files into the new folder I created in step “1” above.
  3. Utilizing phpMyAdmin, look for the WordPress “options”, and the first two rows should be settings for WordPress current location > modify as needed the new location for both “siteurl” new directory and “home” directory.
  4. In options table > Option_name = siteurl =
  5. In options table > Option_name = home =
  6. Browse to your new location and your wordpress should be working.
  7. If you can not log in to your admin control panel, > type the complete URL address: Example: if it was type the complete address >

I had no issues and viewing our htaccess file, the file required two changes.

Extra help if needed can be found at WordPress site: