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Dissecting Reviews

Dissecting Reviews

Exciting facts when Dissecting Reviews, online reviews, especially negative reviews, are almost eternal online. Yelp thrives on negative reviews and has built a wealthy empire feeding off negative reviews, one could compare Yelp to TV shows like “The Jerry Springer Show,” which lasted 27 years, or “Maury” host Maury Povich both TV shows thrived on negative events. People tend to read the negative reviews first and move on without reading the 5-star reviews.

Dissecting Reviews: YELP states their business members can not get better reviews by becoming a member of YELP; however if a business becomes a YELP Business Member, the business member can purchase options to conceal the negative reviews… and the BBB? Dissecting Reviews: The Better Business Bureau will hang on to negative reviews until a company pays to join the BBB. Negative reviews disappear into the underworld of electronic pages. Yelp and the BBB make their money by having business members, and it’s a pay-to-play online world.

We have refused to join the member clubs; however, we may need to do so in the future. Update: AAA Fast Repairs CEO decided to pay the pay-to-play thugs; I meant to write: “become a paid member at the online review sites.” (Purposely not editing until required)

At the time of this article, I searched the internet and found fewer than 20 negative reviews over the past ten years, and those 20 negative reviews represented fewer than 1/10th of one percent. Please do the math, 20 negative reviews in ten years, and we do a minimum of 2,892 jobs per year… 28,920 jobs in those ten years. 20 / 28920 = 0.000691563. We perform an average of 1,450 appliance repairs before getting one negative review. Not to mention, it’s easy to maintain good relationships with our customers; customers wish to be kept informed and want the appliance repaired without delays. When mfg parts are avail, we are fast to make it happen. Our customer service personnel are great at communicating and keeping our customers abreast, and most importantly, we aim to please our customers from beginning to end.

We have discovered from those 20 negative reviews it’s mostly price related. A few folks have a hard time justifying the price for the appliance repair or the trip charge. Sometimes a person may focus on the technician’s time in the house vs. all the other expenses a service company must afford. Our travel time, labor, parts cost, insurance, and many additional fees are not visualized or understood by a handful of shoppers, which can turn into a negative review. Worse yet, manufacturers have replaced most mechanical parts with electronic computer boards and electronic motors in the pursuit of conserving energy. Can you imagine paying thousands of dollars for electronic controls and placing those sensitive electronic products inside your refrigerator, dishwasher, or oven? That’s the result when purchasing modern appliances. Modern appliances house the electronic controls inside the machines, which is why: your granny’s appliances lasted 20/30 years, and repairs were years apart. Older devices did not have circuit boards and electronics. The parts were steel vs. plastic and mechanical vs. circuit boards.

We provide excellent service, achieving 99% satisfied customers and good relationships.

Out-of-town brokers advertise online “Appliance Repair” via Google; the brokers will take your information and sell your name and phone number to as many “Uber Techs” as possible. Uber techs are anyone willing to pay for the lead, and many have no training at all; they are just broke and desperate. If you fill out an online form or call brokers, you become a valuable lead; brokerage firms like (, Hartman,,,,, CraftJack, 1800Remodel, HUX, Homeflock) will sell the information to as many “uber techs” as possible. The lead will fetch 25.00 / 65.00 per tech that is on call. Thus, your data becomes a lead that can generate more revenue for the online broker than the technician earns doing the job. It’s amazing!

Call your local appliance service companies that live in your same town. Call a local service company for your appliance repairs; you will be glad you did in the long run.

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