Dissecting Reviews

There are interesting facts about online reviews, negative reviews are almost eternal online. Yelp thrives on negative reviews, and have built a wealthy empire feeding off online negative reviews, one could compare Yelp to TV shows like “The Jerry Springer Show” which lasted 27 years, or “Maury” host Maury Povich both TV shows thrived on negative events.

Even though YELP states their business members can not get better reviews by becoming a member of YELP, however, if a business becomes a YELP Business Member, the business member can purchase options to conceal the negative reviews… and the BBB will hang on to negative reviews until a company pays to join the BBB, and then negative reviews, kinda disappear into the underlayment of electronic pages. Both Yelp and the BBB make their money by paying business members, it’s a pay to play society we live in. Currently, we have refused to join the member clubs… however, we may be forced to do so in the future.

The last time we searched the internet, we found fewer than 20 negative reviews over the past 10 years, and those 20 negative reviews represent fewer than 1/10th of one percent. Do the math, 20 negative reviews in ten years, and we do a minimum of 2,892 jobs per year… 28,920 jobs in those ten years. 20 / 28920 = 0.000691563. We do an average of 1,450 repairs before we manage to get one negative review.

We have discovered from those 20 negative reviews, it’s mostly price related. Consumers have a hard time justifying the price for the appliance cost of parts relating to all the many computer boards that are included in modern appliances. Manufacturers have replaced most mechanical parts with electronic computer boards. Can you imagine placing your sensitive electronic device inside your refrigerator, dishwasher or oven/range top?

We have provided excellent service to 23,156+ home-owners and less than .0001% did not think we provided excellent service, and it’s amazing how many shoppers will pass us up due to finding an online negative review… and end up calling an out of town brokerage firms like Home Advisor, Angie’s List, Hartmans, or dozens of other brokerage companies that do not know the first thing about fixing your broken appliance. When home-owners do not call a local appliance service company, they are calling the “Uber Appliance Tech” that may or may not have the slightest idea of how to fix your broken appliance.

Out of town brokers that advertise online “Appliance Repair” via Google, are not “Local Service Companies”. They will take your information and then sell your name and phone number to as many “Uber Techs” as they can. When you fill out a form online, you become a valuable lead, and brokerage firms like (Homeadvisor.com, Thumbtack.com, Houzz.com, angieslist.com, porch.com, CraftJack, 1800Remodel, HUX, Homeflock) will sell the information to as many “uber techs” as possible. The lead will fetch 25.00 / 65.00 per tech that is on call. Thus, one lead can generate more revenue for the online appliance repair broker then the technician earns doing the job. It’s amazing!

Stop the out of town brokers from stealing business from your local appliance service companies, call your local appliance service companies that live in your same town. Please call a local service company for your appliance repairs, you will be glad you did in the long run.