BBB stands for “Better Business Bureau”

Through the years, we have found a few interesting articles concerning the BBB. I suppose it’s part of the reason we decided to stop paying our annual dues. We have given up a lot of dollars to the BBB. I would guess if we added up 30 years of membership dues, it would total into tens of thousands.

Time magazine did an investigative report in the Los Angeles area. It’s not a negative article but it is educational. I suppose it’s no wonder that the BBB has rated Time Magazine with one star and NR BBB rating as of 02/24/2020.

North Carolina Consumers Council has an interesting article concerning the BBB. It’s not a negative article but is educational.

CNN Money has investigated multiple issues concerning the BBB

The article states: “We Don’t Trust the BBB?”

Is the BBB really on your side?

Why your business doesn’t need the Better Business Bureau!? Opinion